The manufacturing, sourcing, installation and operation of industrial type display units

The development of in-house software solutions to manage information.

The production and managing of content displayed via media channels at clients’ work sites, e.g. industrial monitors & mobile App.

The procurement, design and delivery of promotional and marketing material to its clients.


Asbestikum commenced its business in 2005 and is located in Gauteng, South Africa, producing its products and services accross Africa to clients such as:


  1. Harmony Gold Mining Company

  2. Exxaro Coal Mines

  3. Eskom

  4. Lonmin Platinum

  5. Northam Platinum Mine

  6. Pioneer Foods


Asbestikum is a media business that specialises in the manufacturing, installation and operating of industrial media channels to communicate information to the work force.


The current media channels owned and operated by Asbestikum are:

Mobile Communication App As part of its media channel bouquet, Asbestikum operates and manages communication for Employers to employees via its Mobile Employer Communication App. The App is fully customizable and carries the branding of each of its Employer clients. The App is available for download on both the Apple App Store and Android App stores. Asbestikum prepares the graphical design of media items and manages the publishing and removal thereof. Employers are welcome to also provide content themselves. The App platform offers ready-made features for a range of contingencies and communication needs. Some of the current features used by clients are:
1. News Employers may use the personalized news feed to spread internal company information, keep everybody updated and encourage its employees to share in their experiences. Media - Various media formats such as pictures and videos can be used as content to improve the app experience and underline the message an Employer wants to convey. Groups – the Employer can decide who will see its news items. With our different user groups functionality, the employer can easily target its content depending on specific needs and, hence, create higher relevance. Push-Notifications - Push Notifications are a game changer and make immediate responses and reception of important information possible anytime, anywhere. Our clients typically post the following type of information directly to employee’s mobile devices: instant news/announcements (Still Slide or Video), and operational information (Production data & Safety details); and topical information (Awareness campaigns etc.). 2. Pages & Documents The Employer can upload static information such as manuals and daily checklists and create new pages to further organize its internal work flow. Also a favourite amongst industrial employers is the availability of Safety Libraries where training material, videos and work procedures are placed on pages available for use by employees with the push of a button. 3. Suggestions, Whistle Blowing & Surveys The App enables employees to have dynamic communication directly with the Employer from the work place. Employees can make suggestion, send confidential messages (whistle blowing) and parttake in surveys. Graphic images and video items can easily be uploaded by employees.
4. Employee Directory All important information on your employees such as names, phone number and email addresses can be added to the app in addition to emergency contacts and responsible authorities. (Safety officer details etc.) 5. Locations Employers with a wide network of offices / work places can easily direct their employees to the correct location by using maps and locations. This feature helps a lot when getting new employees on board. 6. Software integration The App allows for the Employer’s other media channels to be integrated in its functionality, for instance Facebook & Twitter pages, and also other more specialized operational and human resources software applications.
Mobile Communications App Tutorial:

Industrial Monitors and Bus Screens

Our industrial monitors are specifically manufactured to operate under harsh working conditions (IP65 standard) and can sustain exposure to lightning, water, shockwaves, heat, dust, electrical surges and most other extreme elements usually associated with industrial / mining work sites. Currently our display monitors operate underground in waiting areas and meeting places, in excess of 1,200 meters below surface level. Asbestikum also offers industrial type units fitted in busses where communication is brought to workers in transit.

Large Outdoor Media Monitor

Asbestikum offers large outdoor display monitors. These units are sold outright with warrantees (from 2 years up to 8 years) and come with maintenance plans. Content displayed on the units can be self-managed by the Employer or managed by Asbestikum (preferred method). The monitors can be ordered in custom sizes.


Information is acquired from our clients, manually or via automated software integration, and then published through the respective Media Channels in a scheduled manner, remotely from our head office in Pretoria.


Our services are used by various departments to distribute critical information to the work force such as production and safety statistics (live or delayed), health and safety “poster campaigns”, staff announcements, video addresses by managers, operating procedures and schedules, social announcements, etc.


Typical information formats displayed onto the monitors consists of still images and video material. Asbestikum conducts all design and layout of artwork and editing of video material, when necessary.  Asbestikum manages all publishing of information.


Monthly reports are available on all information published at every display monitor as to align with compulsory reporting in terms of Sections 2 & 10 and Regulation 6 of the South African Mine Health and Safety Act and other industry specific Health & Safety regulations.


In short, Asbestikum’s offering replaces the old “notice board” system with a clearly visible, dynamic medium that displays current information at the work site and which is easily updatable.

Asbestikum manages all media published through its media channels for and on behalf of its clients.


Our services include:

  • Receipt of instructions from Employers;
  • Design, rendering, manufacturing & editing of imagery and video material;
  • Publishing of information through the media channels;
  • Removal of published information on scheduled dates.


We provide a comprehensive communication product and service package to our clients which are aimed to be the principal communication channel between an Employer and Employee.





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